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The Tenants Together Action Fund is the newly formed political arm of California's statewide tenant movement. Since 2008, our San-Francisco based tenant organization Tenants Together has educated thousands of tenants on their rights through a statewide tenant hotline; advocated for statewide tenant protections, like AB 1506 and the 2018 Prop 10 campaign to repeal Costa Hawkins; provided technical support to local tenant groups organizing for just cause, rent control, and other housing protections; and, as much as possible, fiscally sponsored tenant groups to fund local tenant education and association building. However, we recognize that the political and financial might of the real estate industry influences the actions of our legislators and overshadows the grassroots organizing of tenants. In order to combat this monopoly, there must be another vehicle to embolden the power of tenant organizations.

The Tenants Together Action Fund strives to be this vehicle by prioritizing the political and legislative process to defend and advance the rights of California tenants to safe, decent, and affordable housing. Our areas of focus include:

  • Local Rent Control: Helping local tenant groups win local rent control and anti-evictions policies. In the next two years, we hope to technically assist more campaigns going to the ballot for tenant protections. Tenants need more renters voting, more people reading the facts about rent control, and more tenant organizers to keep local movements alive. Your donations help us achieve all of these goals and more.
  • Legislator Accountability: Holding candidates and elected officials accountable through scorecards, questionnaires, and action campaigns. Too often, elected officials ride into office on the tenant vote without any meaningful policy returns. TTAF will not endorse candidates who do not endorse rent control, just cause, or other strong tenant protections which serve to keep tenants in their homes. For this reason, we seek to inform voters about the policy platforms of candidates regarding tenant issues and affordable housing. 
  • Statewide Policy Reform: Building support for state level policy campaigns that bolster local efforts, such as repealing of Costa Hawkins. We believe that changes at the statewide level have significant impacts on local politics, especially when it comes to housing policy. The TTAF follows state policy to potentially build support for bills that strengthen tenant organizing and tenant protections.

By increasing the capacity of the statewide tenant rights movement and strengthening the collective voice of California’s tenants, local and state politicians will be forced to listen to tenant organizers as we fight for fairness and justice for tenants across California.

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