Stand Up for Tenants, Not Big Real Estate Money

District 7 Candidates

There is a special election right now for California senate and we need to seize this opportunity for tenant rights.

When Mark DeSaulnier was elected to Congress this November, he left vacant the senate district representing East Bay towns like Concord, Walnut Creek, Antioch and Alamo.

One third of district 7 residents are tenants, and as a State Senator, Mark Desaulnier fought for tenant rights, supporting issues like security deposit reform and permanent funding for affordable housing. East Bay voters want their new Senator to represent them and to continue fighting for tenants rights.

The senator from District 7 will impact tenants statewide through their votes.  We urge all Californians to take this opportunity to ask District 7 candidates to stand up and be tenant champions, to fight for rent control, safe housing, and against unfair evictions.

Sign on to tell candidates Terry Kremlin, Joan Buchanan, Steve Glazer and Susan Bonilla that you want a tenant champion!

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Sign the Petition to California District 7 Senate Candidates Susan Bonilla, Joan Buchanan, Steve Glazer and Terry Kremin:

I urge you to look past Big Real Estate money for the district 7 special election and be a champion for tenants. You can start by filling out the Tenants Together Action Fund candidate questionnaire and speaking out for safe, affordable rental housing in California.

Will you sign?

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  • Jennifer Willis
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    California friends, let's get the state senate to work for affordable housing, not big real estate money!
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