Call and Ask CA Senate Candidate Susan Bonilla to Stand Up for Tenants


Will you call Susan Bonilla--currently a state Assemblymember and candidate for state Senate--right now and ask her where she stands on tenant issues?

The candidate's office can by reached at (925) 360-8053.

Here's a suggested script:

Hi there, I’m calling to ask Assemblymember Bonilla to speak out for Tenants during the district 7 special election. We need tenant champions in Sacramento that will fight for affordable housing, rent control and against unfair eviction. To that end, I would really appreciate it if Assemblymember filled out the questionnaire sent to them by the Tenants Together Action Fund.

After calling, please tell us how it went with the feedback form on this page. Who did you talk to? What was the conversation like?

Tenant rights activists have asked the District 7 special election candidates in Contra Costa county where the stand on tenant issues. Will candidates stick with Big Real Estate money or fight for affordable housing, rent control and against unfair evictions?

The office of Susan Bonilla--currently a state Assemblymember-- was the only Senate candidate of four to respond at all. But her office said Assemblymember Bonilla was too busy to answer our questionnaire on tenant rights before the March 17 primary.

Let's make sure Assemblywoman Bonilla follows through. If enough of us speak out, we can make sure Assemblymember Bonilla knows she can't ignore tenant voices and responds to our questionnaire right now before the primary. If enough of us speak out, we can set a precedent across California: candidates for office must address tenant issues.

Call Assemblywoman Bonilla right now and then tell us how it went!

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