Welcome to the tenants Together Action fund News and media blog by Jessica Ingersoll>


Welcome to the Tenants Together Action Fund news and media blog.

Here we will post press releases, feature news items about tenants rights movement, and update you on our campaigns.


The Tenants Together Action Fund is the newly formed political arm of California's statewide tenant movement.  TT Action Fund uses the political and legislative process to defend and advance the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.  

Our goal is to strengthen the statewide tenant movement as we fight for fairness and justice for tenants across California.  Among other activities, the TT Action Fund distributes candidate questionnaires and legislative scorecards, endorses candidates, and supports/opposes legislation affecting tenants.

Why a Political Arm of the Tenant Movement?

We are fed up with the real estate industry's control of California politicians.  At a time when tenants are struggling with surging rents, uninhabitable living conditions, and unfair evictions, California politicians are less and less responsive to the needs of tenants.  Even the most modest legislation to stop security deposit theft and plug up eviction loopholes have been defeated thanks to real estate campaign donations and high-priced lobbyists.

It does not have to be like this.  When tenants organize and rise up, we win.  For example, in 2008 when landlords sought to abolish rent control at the ballot, California voters crushed them at the polls by a 22 point margin, proving yet again that voters overwhelmingly support tenant rights and oppose unfair evictions and rent hikes.  When tenant voices are heard, we prevail.  But too often our voices are drowned out by campaign donations, high priced lobbyists, and real estate industry lies.

We seek to change this dynamic city by city and across the state.  Please join in this effort to build a powerful political arm of the California tenant movement.

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