Tell Gov. Brown to Restore the Renters Rebate


The housing crisis is tough on all of us, but for low income elderly and disabled Californians it has become almost impossible to get by.

In 2008, then-Governor Schwarzenegger used his line-item veto power to eliminate a small tax rebate, just up to $347.50 per household, for elderly, blind and disabled renters making less than $44,096.

Nearly 500,000 households relied on the “Renter’s Rebate” to pay the rent, buy groceries and get crucial medical coverage. With rents skyrocketing all over the state, the lack of such basic assistance is an outrage.

California has its first budget surplus since the program was cut. Governor Brown and the California legislature can immediately restore the Renter’s Rebate by funding it in the new state budget. But they’ll only do it if you demand it. 

Elderly and disabled Californians have been suffering in this housing crisis. Senior and disabled tenants need this basic lifeline back. We need to act right now while the budget is being written and debated in Sacramento.

Tell the state legislature to restore the renters rebate and bring relief to struggling California renters today.

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"I demand you restore full funding California’s renters' rebate for those most vulnerable in the current housing crisis: low-income, senior and disabled Californians."

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