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The California Tenant Bill of Rights is a living document, a work in progress, to bring together the tenants rights movement and envision the political and social victories the Tenants Together Action Fund hopes to achieve in the coming years.

By signing the California Tenant Bill of Rights, you believe that all California renters, regardless of age, ancestry, class, color, immigration status, national origin, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, religion, disability, or marital status, have the right to:

1. A place to call home

2. An affordable rent 

3. Freedom from arbitrary eviction, retaliation & discrimination

4. Safe & healthy living conditions

5. Strong consumer protections

6. Full & fair access to the courts

7. Tenant organizing without interference

8. Self-determination

9. Government policy that prioritizes renters

10. Respect and regard equal to that of homeowners

Have we gotten them all? Send us your feedback on the tenant bill of rights to [email protected] 


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